Jessie Hall

Jessie has worked in Wilston and the inner north of Brisbane for the past seven years, beginning as a Property Manager before progressing successfully through the role of Team Leader to her current position as Business Development Manager. Jessie’s awareness of the full scope of the department is the foundation for the outstanding service she offers to all her clients. Based in this area for such an extended period of time, Jessie’s expert knowledge of market trends is unmatched, and she specialises in assisting her clients in maximising their return on their investment.


Jessie will take the fear out of owning an investment property, beginning at the letting process and through to the ongoing management. She will engage you in the finer points of Property Management, ensuring you are securing the highest return with the best possible tenant.


Jessie has already made a strong impact on the industry; her returning clients and multiple industry awards are a testament to her passion and dedication for her role. With Jessie to guide you, you will feel confident that having your property managed by the team at AUMR Wilston is the best move you ever made.